First off, we're sorry it was necessary for you to have a mastectomy. It's by no means an enjoyable journey but we hope you keep your positive attitude toward yourself and others. Remember that who your are is different than how you look. Too often we associate the two but doing is conducive to judgement and criticism. Life is precious and we want you to enjoy it and feel good about your new self too! We want to help you feel whole again. Custom nipple prostheses certainly can help you adjust to how you look. If you would like to see pictures, read some testimonials from others that had mastectomies, and find out why custom prostheses are the best option, click here.


Our prostheses are hand-crafted and custom made. We make them for YOU. We want to help you feel whole again by replicating YOUR nipples. We want you to look in the mirror and be happy. We've seen it with so many other and we know we can help you. Let's start here: