As you know, there are many non-profit organizations that "raise awareness". How many of them actually help those that have been or are currently going through cancer? If you want to have a real impact on women that had breast cancer, please consider working with us in the following ways:


  • Organize a reveal day. You will see in person your patient's initial reaction to having nipples again. You will find this very rewarding! Women tell us that they are much more happy with their breast reconstruction when they have nipples. To organize a reveal day(s), we can send you impression kits and impressions can be made of the areola/nipple and a bulk order can be placed. Impressions will save and should be sent to us all at once. It takes 1-2 weeks to fabricate the prostheses based on our current volumes. We will schedule a day in a doctor's office or your a room you provide and we paint prostheses for 7-8 single mastectomy patients per day. We don't let your constituents see the prostheses until we are all done. When they see them, you will see ecstatic women! It makes for a super fun day for everyone involved. You will need to schedule this in advance.
  • Help with the cost. We've intentionally made our prostheses as least expensive as possible. We not only want them to be the best option for nipples, but the least expensive too! We could probably be considered a non-profit if we just added a board of directors : ) Unfortunately, we come across women that feel that custom nipple prostheses really are a financial burden. For these people, we have a contact list and we match them up. Our only request with this matching program is that the patients write a note of gratitude to the organization. 
  • Offer a webinar. We have a 15-30 minute presentation that we can give to your organization or constituents. We know this is a new option and there is much to learn about it! Please call us to schedule.
  • Spread the word! As you can imagine, it is difficult to advertise nipples : ) It can be a bit challenging for this reason to get the word out. We rely on people like you to spread the word and educate women about this new option. Tag us on social media and we're more than happy to respond to questions there.