Our nipple prostheses are handcrafted and custom made. The amount of labor involved is mostly what determines the cost of the prostheses:



Two prostheses and a bottle of adhesive are included. If you have them, we will use your pre-mastectomy impressions and photographs to make your prostheses. 



The color match is close but not perfect. You will then receive two prostheses and a bottle of glue with your order. One prosthesis will be placed on the side of your mastectomy. If it is a good match - then you have a spare and you can expect the prostheses to last twice as long since you are only using one at a time. If it is not the match that you expected, you can wear the other prosthesis over the top of your existing nipple. If you choose this option, you are limiting how much labor is performed. If you decide the nipple cover is not what you want, you can pay the difference for the extra labor involved to get your prostheses just right. First we will send you an impression kit. After you return it, we will make your prostheses using the mold of your nipple.


This is the best way to ensure your have the prostheses made for you. It's certainly the most efficient. You will receive two prostheses and a bottle of adhesive. First, we will send you an impression kit. Your impression needs to be made and sent to us at least two weeks in advance of your appointment so that we have time to fabricate your prostheses. The painting appointment lasts approximately one hour. You will get to know us and it will make the experience that much more personal : )


Two prostheses and and a bottle of adhesive are included. We match the shape, size, and colors of your nipple/areola using an impression and photographs. The color matching process take 4-6 weeks. We send them back and forth until we get it right and your are satisfied. 



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