Paul Tanner (the owner) loves life and nothing more than his wife JeVonne and their children. Together they read books, play in the dirt, road trip to see earth’s natural beauties, imagine, help others, make sculptures and crafts, build things, play games at night, camp in the mountains, and wonder at the stars next to a camp fire. They believe that the foundation of society is families.




Paul has a "can-do" anything attitude and is an inventor of sorts. He loves ideas and relishes in their execution. Silicone skin-like business cards, ice mugs, bouncy shoes, construction projects, vitiligo skin dyes, art sculptures, paintings, life-size statutes of Abraham Lincoln, and other commissioned projects.


Abraham Lincoln - Sculpted, cast, and painted by Paul Tanner


With a talent for art and a passion for science, Paul Tanner knew early on that he wanted to make anaplastology his career. He tailored an undergraduate degree with art and science to anaplastology, and earned a graduate business degree at the University of Utah. Shortly thereafter, he became one of the first non-grandfathered certified clinical anaplastologists. Paul began making prosthetics and founded the facial prosthetics program in 2002 in the newly built Huntsman Cancer Hospital at the University of Utah. It is now highly regarded for its quality work and care for some of the most challenging facial prosthetics cases. He is an artist whose work is not known by many, yet greatly valued by those that do know it.





Paul speaks fluent Portuguese and semi-fluent Spanish and enjoys international continuing education. He has worked with thirty-three facial prosthesis patients while teaching in training courses in Brazil, Turkey, and Colombia. Early on, Paul recognized that color matching was the greatest challenge to realistic prosthetics. He coupled his prior work experience in dermatology and his intrigue in optics and science to research ways to create the illusion of human skin and hone his coloring techniques. His research is published in peer-reviewed journals (links below), and valued by those perfecting realism in prosthetics.


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Our Mission Deliver high quality realistic prostheses to breast cancer survivors at a low cost.


Our Vision To help female breast cancer survivors feel whole again.


Our Growth is operated by Custom DME, LLC in North Salt Lake, Utah. Incorporated in 2009, Custom DME aims to provide custom nipple prostheses for breast cancer survivors. We've sold to women in 17 different countries and breast cancer survivors (from 2009-2013) are more than satisfied with our services. Not only do they report that we met their expectations, but the majority says that we exceeded them. In fact, 96% of our customers say that they recommend our services to others. When purchasing a set of custom nipple prostheses, you will see that we really do care about your individuality, femininity, and privacy. We strive to meet your expectations and sincerely hope that you give us feedback, whether it be positive or negative, so that we know how to improve our services and help others in similar situations. Our goal is that you feel like you are the person making the prosthesis. Ultimately, this will help you to feel complete.




“What you are doing is truly phenomenal and truly makes a difference.”


“I will get on a soapbox for you anytime.”


“When I looked at your website and the saw how realistic your prosthetics looked I decided to take a chance. It is such an intensely personal thing that I was nervous about ordering. However, after receiving the prosthetics and apply them I was beyond thrilled at how natural they looked and felt. I felt whole again.”


"Your company is doing something wonderful for women everywhere, and I do hope that more and more surgeons will tell their patients about your product. Thank you for the integrity of your company, and its dedication to excellence!"


"Your attentiveness and response to my inquiries and requests exceeded my expectations."


"I am so pleased with the prosthetics you made for me. The size and color are better than I expected. Everything about your product and your service was exactly what you said it would be. Thank you again for your talent and skill. I am very happy."


"Having met the owner (Paul) personally, I am so impressed with his dedication to helping survivors like myself to find some kind of normalcy after all of the stress and pain we have been through. I see him as a kind person doing an altruistic thing and trying to use his talents to leave some real good in the world. The other prosthetics I looked at were in the thousands of dollars range and far out of reach for a poor woman like myself, since I am in school full time and have lost my insurance coverage. The fact that they were priced so far below the rest of the market is, in my eyes, a testament to his commitment to putting the welfare of others over profit."


"I found Paul (the owner) to be extremely knowledgeable and helpful! Once I decided to get the nipples from this company, the hardest thing was choosing what I wanted."


"I can't begin to tell you how helpful you were with the amount of time and energy you personally gave me to help me find nipple prostheses that most closely resembled those that were once real and naturally mine."