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"I recently returned from a vacation were I wore my prostheses every day. I applied the prostheses before we left home and we were gone approximately 12 days. The prostheses stayed secure throughout the vacation and in all our activities. I wore them in saltwater snorkeling and swimming, in chlorinated water in the pools and spas hot water, even while showering and drying off. At first I was worried the prostheses may lift off while in the water and float away, but I was amazed at how strong the adhesive was. By the end of the trip a corner of the prosthesis was lifting up so I applied a small amount of glue to that area and then didn't have to worry about it again. I am so happy and just amazed how great the prostheses look and work."



"They stay on for weeks at a time and they are so real and easy to apply and remove."



"I wear them everywhere. So far they have been easy to put on and take off, and stay on with no re-gluing for around five days before the edges start to lift a bit, and for me that is amazing because I have incredibly oily skin. They don’t budge during day-to-day activity such as showering, dressing, sports or enthusiastic lovemaking."


"On average I wear them for 3-5 days. I have had no irritation or problems and could wear them continually I am sure."



"I have worn them for days at a time, showered with them and even gone in a hot tub with them, and they stay on beautifully."



"I love the fact that they can stay on for a couple of weeks or more. I think if I had to take them off each night, they would not seem so real. They do look unbelievably real."


"They look exactly like my real ones and are so comfortable that I am hardly aware they are on. I get the best of both worlds-nipples when I want and a smooth surface when I want to wear something tighter or more revealing. Thank you for creating such a wonderful product."