Not only do we make them look real - we make them look like YOU.



Mass produced and “semi-custom” prostheses allow women to choose from a few select colors and sizes. The majority of mass produced prostheses are self-adhering and typically last a couple of months because the materials are weaker and the adhesion becomes weaker over time than custom prostheses. Lack of projection, color match, shape, size, and texture are all among the common complaints of mass produced prostheses (Sainsbury R 1991).




Custom prostheses can be made any size, shape, or color according to the desires of the individual in need. In the case of a single mastectomy, a prosthetic nipple can be made to match the existing nipple or they may choose to have a prosthesis made that covers the existing nipple and matches the prosthesis on the reconstructed breast. Most patients are highly satisfied with size, color, and projection (Janes S 2005). Those with double mastectomies benefit from custom prostheses by seeing THEIR 'breasts' again.


Examples of Custom Prostheses for Single Mastectomies









“I had my mastectomy in 1981, reconstructive surgery in 1983, but the nipple was not a success. I let it go for 30 years, but now having had to replace the implant, decided to finally see if I could find a solution that didn't involve more surgery, but would satisfy my artistic sense of balance and symmetry.”



“I had a bilateral mastectomy without nipple reconstruction. Recently I started thinking about nipple recon, but didn't want to face more surgery. Every prosthetic I looked at online looked so fake and uncomfortable. When I looked at your website and the saw how realistic your prosthetics looked I decided to take a chance. It is such an intensely personal thing that I was nervous about ordering. However, after receiving the prosthetics and apply them I was beyond thrilled at how natural they looked and felt. I felt whole again.“



“I had a double mastectomy with reconstruction but not comfortable with the idea of nipple tattoo or nipple reconstruction. Prosthetic nipples totally made me feel my reconstruction was as complete as I would ever need it to be. I am so very happy with them.



“I went to two doctors and they fully described the reconstructive procedure of giving me back my breasts and nipples. After hearing this, I simply could not imagine I could find the mental and physical strength to do it…I thought deep and hard on just what was the main thing I was mourning. I came to the conclusion that it wasn’t necessarily the breast I was missing, but I felt like an “it” without my nipples. (If I felt this way, I know there must be others out there feeling the same.)”



“After numerous surgeries my husband and I decided that we would not do the nipple reconstruction. The doctors told us all the pros and cons of the procedure and because I'm diabetic it would only increase the risk of it not working right.”



“Nobody really prepared me for how long the reconstruction process would take, but 6 months later I finally had my permanent implants. I was so excited to get them, but that left one more thing... no nipples. My plastic surgeon told me it would be several more months before I could have nipple reconstruction. I just didn't feel “normal” without nipples, and I hated to look in the mirror. …I was extremely happy with them when they arrived, just in time for Christmas. Thank you, Paul, for providing this option to women who are between surgeries, or who chose not to have nipple reconstruction.



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When we compared our survey results with published satisfaction rates, we were delighted to see the results because we knew we were providing a new option for women that have mastectomies - and they were very pleased with the outcomes compared to other methods of constructing the nipple.





“My doctor said there are a few of his patients that have to have radiation. He said the creation of a nipple from irradiated tissue often is a failure and so he feels the DME nipple is the perfect solution for that patient group.”


“In the six years since my bilateral mastectomy, I have had 6 reconstruction surgeries, two being nipple reconstruction. Neither nipple reconstruction surgeries were satisfactory -- the nipples shrank considerably and the tattooing of the areolas faded. In fact, I rarely referred to them as nipples, but rather as my "bug bites." I was resigned to the fact that I would never have anything that remotely resembled natural nipples. Until Sept. 14. :-) They are near perfect. The shape, size of the nipples and the amount and placement of glands are perfect.”


“I had looked into getting nipple reconstruction done, but the photos that I had seen on websites created by other survivors told a much different story than the glossy brochures I saw in my doctor’s office. Eventually I decided that reconstruction was too much of a risk since it is permanent, and I didn’t want to do something where I would be stuck with less than desirable results.”


 “Radiation therapy made the nipple reconstruction difficult and did not work on that side. I had to have my implant reconstruction done over again as well. I did have the nipple reconstruction done on the opposite side and followed with tattooing for both. The tattooing eventually faded and the reconstruction dissipated. I was uncomfortable with the appearance of my breasts without the nipples even though it was really only for my benefit. I am a big believer in "look good feel good" so I set out to find another option. I tried a different nipple prosthesis but it was poor quality and looked like a big waterproof rubber bandage. That is when I found Custom DME. The work is absolutely amazing! I am thrilled with my "girls" now and when I am wearing them I feel beautiful (even though nobody else can see them)”


“After several more months, I required a fifth surgery to reposition the implants and, at that time, the surgeon also did nipple reconstruction. The nipples flattened out and disappeared after a few months.”


Custom nipple prostheses are finally meeting the needs of women that had single mastectomies for breast cancer treatment. While nipple tattooing can work for those with double mastectomies, it is next to impossible to get a good color match that will last. We only know of a handful of tattoo artists that can make a realistic nipple tattoo even for double mastectomies.


(Although this is a good 3D tattoo, this woman was not satisfied with the result and wears a custom nipple prosthesis on her left side.)


"When I looked down, I was tired of seeing only one bump. 3D tattoos look great from the front, but not from above."


(This is what a prosthesis lookes like from above).


“It wasn’t even close to a match to my one remaining nipple.”


“I started looking into nipple tattooing and found a few good candidates but was still concerned with the possibility of a poor result. Then I stumbled on this company that makes nipple prosthetics. I looked at the pictures that showed actual customers and found myself crying, but this time it was because I was so relieved!"


(This woman had a single mastectomy)


“The tattooing of the areolas faded.”


"I didn't want any more pain."


(This woman had a single mastectomy. The redness that surrounds her existing nipple will fade to a white color after about one year. We intentionally made the prosthesis more skin colored around the perimeter.)