When I answer the company phone, women are at times surprised to hear a man's voice since many breast cancer companies are created by women breast cancer survivors. Many ask why I started making nipple prosthetics. This is how it all began:



Word spread, and in 2009, Custom DME, LLC (FeelingWholeAgain.com) was formed to specialize in nipple prosthetics for breast cancer survivors. Not all survivors were able to travel to Salt Lake City, so photographs and self-measurements were used, and rendered amazing results due to Paul's knowledge of and prior work experience with skin color. With a novel approach to providing quality craftsmanship, Custom DME (FeelingWholeAgain.com) has greatly expanded and has provided its services to survivors in 17 different countries. 96% of the survivors say that they recommend the services to others. Paul and JeVonne had no idea the impact the services would have on survivors' lives as they put them on for the first time and look in the mirror. As the business owners, they love working with the breast cancer community and find tremendous joy in hearing how happy survivors are.


"I started this service because I had knowledge and talent that could so easily change breast cancer survivor's lives for better. When women feel better about themselves, their happiness and fulfillment radiates to the people around them. Relationships become better. Not because of prosthetic nipples, but because the women feel better about themselves. I've seen the impact these prostheses have on women. I've seen them look in the mirror and see breasts again instead of just cancer. Of course making nipple prosthetics was not something that I dreamed of doing (I am very conservative and religious) - but it has been a huge blessing in my life to help survivors feel whole again."


Paul Tanner, CCA, MBA
Owner & Designer
Custom DME, LLC

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