As a physician, you have the privilege and responsibility to help your patients feel healthy. We know that custom nipple prosthetics are a new option for those that had mastectomies, and you may not be sure it's a good option for your patients. We want to prove it to you. Here's how you can join us and help your patients:


  • Take an impression of the nipple/areola prior to a mastectomy. This can be done in less than 10 minutes by you or your staff. You can give the patient the impression and they will send it to us to have it replicated. If you would like some impression kits, please call us at 801-997-0545 or order ten impression kits. When you have a patient who has or will have a single mastectomy, please refer them to this website and they can purchase an impression kit on their own. Our goal is to have the custom prostheses in the hands of your patient while they are healing. As soon as the patient is healed (usually around 2-3 weeks), they will be able to wear their nipples and it will help make the new reality of a mastectomy a lot less traumatic. 
  • Begin or join a study. We would like validated, longitudinal studies that show how beneficial custom prostheses are. Please contact us so that we can discuss. We are able to discount the cost of prostheses for medical research. Please call us to discuss.
  • Organize a reveal day. You will see in person your patient's initial reaction to having nipples again. You will find this very rewarding! Women tell us that they are much more happy with their breast reconstruction when they have nipples. To organize a reveal day(s), impressions can be made of the areola/nipple and a bulk order can be placed. Impressions will save and should be sent to us all at once. It takes 1-2 weeks to fabricate the prostheses based on our current volumes. We will schedule a day in your clinic and paint prostheses for 7-8 single mastectomy patients. We don't let your patients see the prostheses until we are all done. When they see them, you will see ecstatic patients! It makes for a super fun day for everyone involved. You will need to schedule this in advance.