Thank you for sharing your stories with us. This is why we love our work. We are grateful and proud to be a part of your healing!



wow, and wow!!!!!!"

“I am simply overwhelmed

and amazed!”

"It feels delightful to wear it."
"I am... thrilled!"

"I am thankful...

for this new chapter in my journey."
"It was surreal."
"I stood there smiling like a kid on Christmas morning crying nearly as much as the day I lost my breasts."
"I was beyond thrilled at how natural they looked and felt on me!"
"I felt whole again."
"I finally feel whole again and I can't express what an AMAZING gift that is."
"It changed my life. These nipples made me feel normal again!"
"I felt like a woman again."
“They are so real looking - better than your pictures.”
“I hope more women feel as happy as I do right now."
"The psychological effect of having nipples again is phenomenal - a complete surprise."
"I feel like... whole person again." a
"I want to thank you from the bottom

of my heart

for giving me a gift I didn't think I needed."